Jorn Veen


Is a resource management game for moblie where heal patients by giving them the right medication and performing surgery.

ERManager is a project that i created as part of the company sanity illicit. I created this game with 2 designers and 1 artist

Project Information

Duration:Juni 2022 – December 2022
Team size:4
My roles:Gameplay
Technologies:Visual Studio
Mobile Builds:Anroid

Personal Contribution

Player Controller – I created the player movement, collecting and deposting medicaton. Carrying patients, performing surgery and moving in ambulance.

Buildings– I created that beds and machience can be construced, upgraded and that they process or produce resouces.

AI – I created three types of AI. Patients that can be pickup and move to beds. Nurses that  can bring patients to beds and get resources to heal them. Truck unloader that moves boxes to the machines to process the resources.

Upgrades– I created that you can upgrade buildings and the player. The buildings can be upgraded in two ways capacity and speed. The player in the same to ways capacity and speed.

Mechanics and more

Stacking Resources

Carrying Patients

Healing Patient




Upgrade Building

Upgrade Player

Processing Resource

Mobile Build