Jorn Veen

Voxel RTS

Is an RTS game created in a custom voxel engine.

I worked on this project with one other person, he worked on improving the graphics and the engine. I worked on the gameplay.

Project Information

Duration: 6 weeks
Team size: 2
Engine: Custom Framework
My roles: Gameplay, AI
Languages: C++
Platforms: PC
Technologies: Visual Studio
Git hub: Git Link

Personal Contribution

Flow Field – I created an Flow Field pathfinding algorithm. I use this to move my units to the right target. I added a units field so the units don’t move in each other and move around each other.

Tile map loader – I created an import tool that loads a level from tiled and spawns it in the world. The map can also have height differences.

Units – I created an three different units that all have different metrics. They can move and shoot and destroy the terrain/buildings.

AI – I created an AI units that can patrol around the map and shoot at the enemy when they are in range

Mechanics and more

Flow Field

Unit Field

Destroying Buildings

Unit Attack