Jorn Veen

Rumble Run

Is a real time multiplayer runner game for mobile. You race against other players across the globe.

Rumble Run is the project I worked on during my internship at Hibernate Studio’s. This internship lasted one year. After my internship I kept helping to work on the project in my free time. Hibernate Studio’s is still working on Rumble Run.

Project Information

Duration:40 weeks
Team size:5
My roles:Gameplay, Tools, AI and Networking
Technologies:Visual Studio, Photon, Git and Django.

Personal Contribution

Gameplay  – I created the player controller and animation controller. I programmed everything related to the “Normal race” and the “Boss race”.

Networking – I created the matchmaking system and the gameplay networking using photon and RPCs. I supported with setting up the database and mapped this data to the gameplay elements.

AI – I created an AI where the player can race against in the Normal race and the AI behaviour in the Boss race.

Tool –  I created a tile editor tool, within you can put prefabs of the obstacles. The data of the prefabs will automatically go into the tile itself so it get used in the game to check the obstacles that are placed in the tile.


Normal Race

Boss Race

Level Editor