Jorn Veen


Is an cross platform turn based card game. It’s made with a custom engine called “Tomorrow Engine”.

The custom engine is made with 9 programmers we had 16 weeks to create the engine. After these 16 weeks we had 8 weeks to create a game with our engine. The game that we made is “Reptoads”.  

Project Information

Duration:8 weeks
Team size:25
Engine:Custom: Tomorrow Engine
My roles:Gameplay and Engine
Languages:C++ and Lua
Platforms:PC and Playstation 4
Technologies:Visual Studio, Lua Scripting

Personal Contribution

Lua Scripting – Made functions in C++ that manipulate the data we use in the game. These functions can then be used in Lua to create the card effects.

Game loop server– The game loop is located on the server. Once the players have played their cards, they are sent to the server and processed there.  The results of this will be send back to the client.

Game loop client – The game loop on the client is only visualization. When the client gets the data from the server it loops over all the changes and visualizes them depending on the change.