Jorn Veen

Island Escape

Is a resource management game for moblie where you move resources around to build you ship.

Island Escape is a project that i created as part of the company sanity illicit. I created this game with 2 designers and 1 artist

Project Information

Duration:January 2022 -Juni 2022
Team size:4
My roles:Gameplay
Technologies:Visual Studio
Mobile Builds:Anroid,

Personal Contribution

Player Controller – I created the player movement, collecting and deposting resources. Fishing fish for the AI

Buildings– I created that buildings can be construced, boosted, upgraded and that they process or produce resouces.

Conveyor Belt– I created conveyorbelts that get the resources form the output of the buildings and bringing it to the other building

AI – I created AI that cut trees for resources and bring it to the building. AI can get hungry and the player can feed them to get them back to work

Crab – I created an enemy crab that will destory your resources on the ouput.

Guard– I created guards that can be hired to kill the enemy crab. You can upgrade them to a guard tower

Upgradcs– I created that you can unlock new buildings and upgrades, upgrade the buildings in two ways capacity and speed, upgrade the player capacity and speed.

Shop– I created that you can by new cosmatics with coins and with real money

Mechanics and more




Conveyor Belt

AI Eating

Building Boost



Guard Tower

Upgrade Building

Upgrade Building

Upgarde Player




Mobile Builds