Jorn Veen

Colour Bound

Is an 2D arcade platformer for mobile. You match the colored side of the shape with the platforms.

Colour Bound is a personal project that I do with people from school. I work on this during my free time. I am working with 2 designers and 1 artist

Project Information

Duration: Steptember 2018 – ongoing development
Team size: 4
Engine: Unity
My roles: Gameplay, Tool, Database programmer
Languages: C#
Platforms: Mobile
Technologies: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, unity collaborate and Firebase.
Mobile Builds: Anroid , IOS

Personal Contribution

Player Controller – I created the player movement and rotation. This also works with 3 different shapes: Triangle, Square and Hexagon.

Platforms – I created several mechanics that can interact with the player. These are:  Connector, Portal, Reverse, Fixed-Directinal-Movement, Projectile-Dropper, Speed-Boost. Also different kind of platforms: Normal, Deadly, Magnatic, Slope, Impact Platform.

Database – I created a database to store the accounts of players and the levels: Work in progress…

Level editor – I created a level editor to created levels in. Levels can be uploaded to cloud and downloaded from the cloud. Work in progress…

Achiements– I created that you can earn achievements while playing the game.

Shop– I created a shop where players can buy skins and shards.

Customization– I created a customzation where the player can equip and buy skins.


Mechanics and more




Fixed Directinal

Projectile Dropper

Speed Boost

Level Editor

Check Point

Game Ending




Mobile Builds